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Police Officer Transfers,

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Who We Want

Lt. Ted Schwartz, Acting Chief of the Ithaca Police Department
Lt. Ted Schwartz, Ithaca Police

Across the United States and in the Ithaca community, society is embracing moments of change and growth.


Be a part of the change and growth!

Transfer Qualifications

Candidates must be eligible for transfer or reinstatement as a Police Officer pursuant to § 58 and § 70 of New York State Civil Service Law and the City of Ithaca Civil Service Rules, including:

  • Current employment, or past employment within 12 months, as a permanently appointed competitive class Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff with an NYS municipality, the NYS Park Police, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, or the SUNY Police. Permanent appointment must have come from a civil service eligible list established pursuant to NYS Civil Service Law.
  • Current Police Officer certification from the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services.
  • A valid NYS Class D driver's license or equivalent.
  • Please Note: NYC Police Officers (all agencies) and NYS Troopers are not eligible for transfer.



Compensation and Benefits Package

  • TOP STEP is $89,885 after 3 years or less, depending on previous experience
  • $20,000 - total signing incentive.
  • $77,309 - starting salary for 5+ years of full-time experience in a municipal police department or sheriff's department.
  • OR $70,029 - starting salary for 1 year of full-time experience.
  • OR $57,461 - starting salary for new-hires.
  • 20- or 25-year retirement with NYS Fire/Police pension benefits.
  • Quality Blue Cross/Blue Shield health benefits.
  • Eye, dental, and life insurance options.
  • Full membership to The Gym at https://www.thegymithaca.com

Recruitment and Job Stability

  • The Ithaca Police Department actively works to diversify our team.
  • We work to attract, train, and retain quality candidates and officers.
  • We are committed to our mission of Integrity, Professionalism, Inclusion, and Community.

Work-life Balance

  • The four-on-two-off schedule equates to about 8 hours per day, and it’s rare to need to work for longer periods.
  • Time-off options allow vacation blocks and several days off per year.
  • No residential requirement means you'll have access to a variety of school systems and living locations.

Career Development

  • The Ithaca Police Department values training and invests in career development opportunities for its Officers.
  • There are options for advancement as well as special assignments.
  • We support continuing education.


  • We are active participants in the many festivals and local events in the area.
  • Ithaca Police Officers engage with the community in various ways, including being a bike officer, working in schools, and even wearing a public relations hat on occasion.
  • The Ithaca Police Department frequently provides protection for peaceful protests and demonstrations.


  • The Ithaca Police Department and Ithaca Fire Department compete in a friendly game of softball each year.
  • The area boasts a number of sports leagues and recreational organizations and clubs.
  • NCAA sports are popular in the area because of Cornell University, Ithaca College, and Syracuse University.

Get Started

The Ithaca Police Department (IPD) has contracted dhgoodall LLC to create and facilitate an exploration process to enhance the recruitment experience for New York State police officer transfers.

Step 1: Optional But Valuable to You and Us


Completing the Exploration Form is an opportunity for you to connect with the Ithaca Police Department before and during the application process to discover what it’s like to be a police officer in the city of Ithaca, New York.

As a thank-you for completing the exploration form, we will provide you with some of the official interview questions for the position by email from recruit@dhgoodall.com 😉

Step 2


After you complete and submit the Exploration Form, begin the official application process on the City of Ithaca’s “Civil Service Employment Portal” by clicking the button below. Please use a Firefox or Chrome browser when completing the official application for the best results. Complete the official online application before December 31, 2022, to claim your $20,000 signing incentive.